From Our Executive Director

The success of the Lincoln County Humane Society is made possible through the hard work of our staff and volunteers and by the generous contributions from our supporters.

Our staff who have a combined total experience of 143 years, work tirelessly to care for animals within our shelter. Our ‘army’ of volunteers bring their exciting energy to the LCHS every day and make the lives of our resident animals better, by socializing, exercising and playing with them. Volunteers also provide administrative work to the shelter, they give their time as Board Members and all of our dedicated volunteers selflessly give thousands of hours of time and care each year.

In our ongoing efforts to re-home animals the LCHS: works with rescue organizations; has comprehensive adoption programs; is working with the Ontario SPCA on the high-volume, spay/neuter clinic and TNR program; uses volunteers and foster homes; works with people to redeem or retain their pets; engages the community through transparency; and works hard to maintain the health of our resident animals, to ensure they find forever homes.

As the LCHS travels down this path of success, we celebrate more adoptions than ever, new relationships with volunteers and rescue groups and ongoing community support and contributions to help us continue our important work for the animals. Remember, you can make a difference: Volunteer, Donate, Foster and Adopt!

Kevin Strooband, Executive Director

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